Happy New Years!


Just want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year! Hope you all have a MOOSEtastic time ringing in 2010!



MERRY CHRISTMOOSE EVERYONE! This morning, I woke up to Hal jumping on my bed, racing through the house screaming “Christmas is here! Christmas is here!” So we all headed downstairs to see what Santa brought us. I tried to wait up for Santa last night, but I dozed off before he made it to my house.

Santa brought me a lot of great stuff like brand new clothes for all of my Build-A-Bear Workshop animals. The new stuffable Polar Bear (that is the star of the new movie at buildabearville.com) – it’s SO cute! A brand new cell phone (it was definitely time for a new one so I am super excited)! And, finally, my most favorite gift of all…a special snow globe from Santa himself! It looks just like the North Pole inside! And, the best part is that it plays “Jingle Bell Rock.” Santa is so thoughtful and it is such a special present that I’ll treasure forever!

So, what did you guys get this year?

Christmoose Eve


I can’t sleep! I’ve been up for hours just waiting and waiting for Santa. Where is he already!? I know he’s super busy but all I wanted to do was say hi and thank him SO much for all of my presents.
We’ve practically been preparing all day for his visit! We baked blueberry muffins just for him…they’re his favorite (he told me). We hung our stockings over the fireplace, finished our notes to Santa and placed them under the tree. Then, I helped mom and dad get ready to have our whole herd over for dinner. Hal and I set the table and helped mom cook. We eat the same thing every year to keep tradition… berry casserole, grass soufflé, twig torte and mud pie. YUM!

After dinner we sat around by the fire and told our favorite Christmas stories. Of course, Hal and I have the exact same favorite story (when we went to the North Pole) so he got to tell most of it! Oh brother! I didn’t mind hearing it again though. It really was a great Christmas!

Well, I’m getting really sleepy. Hopefully, I can stay up long enough to see Santa! 
Merry Christmas, everyone!

Fun in the Snow


School is out for winter break so I got to go play outside with all of my friends. We had a blast together! We went sledding, built snowmen, made snow angels (Hal’s looked funny with his antlers) and went ice skating. It was so much fun. Looks like it’s going to be another white Christmas!

Holiday Pageant


We had a holiday program today at school. We sang lots of different holiday songs which really got me excited that Christmas is NEXT WEEK! Can you believe it!? I even got to perform my very own solo in front of the entire school. Of course, I chose to sing my favorite song in the whole wide world “Jingle Bell Rock.” At the end, my family was standing on their hooves clapping and cheering for me. How embarrassing!? But it was really nice that they came to watch me perform. I’ll admit, I was a little nervous at first, but when I looked out into the dark room with the spotlight on me all I could see was the blinking lights on Hal’s antlers. I felt so much better knowing he was there. I’m really lucky to have such a great family.

Making a MOOSEtastic Gingerbread House


Today was a snow day! WOOO HOOO! So, we spent the morning playing outside in the snow, sledding and making snow moose. Then, we spent the afternoon inside making a gingerbread house together.

It was so fun… and delicious!  Mom baked yummy gingerbread cookies to make our house and the roof. And we used icing to put the house together. Then, we coated the roof with icing and coconut to look like snow! We decorated the house with gum drops to look like Christmas lights, licorice for the doors and windows, and sprinkles (just for fun). It was so cute and made a festive decoration!

"Under the North Star! An Uplifting Christmas Adventure"


Don’t forget to watch the NEW episodes in the outdoor theater at buildabearville.com. You can see ME for a bit and lots of new winter friends like Polar Bear, which you can get the stuffable, huggable version at Build-A-Bear Workshop. Once you watch all of them you get a poster of me and my bro for your Cub Condo. It’s awesome so get your friends together and check it out!

Happy Hanukkah


Just want to wish all of my Jewish friends (and Moose) a very Happy Hanukkah! Hope you enjoy all 8 nights playing dreidel, opening presents and eating my favorite…latkes! Happy Hanukkah everyone!

O' Christmas tree!


Tonight my family went to pick out our Christmas tree. We went to this BIG lot with hundreds of trees! (I just love that tree smell…don’t you?) We spent a long time searching for the perfect one, and we finally found it!

When we got home, Hal helped my dad get the tree inside and I helped mom get out all of our ornaments and lights. Seeing each decoration was like opening up a Christmas memory. Each one has its own story, like the “angel” ornament I made for my mom out of twigs and cotton balls when I was just a calf. I still remember her face when she opened it. She acted like it was the most amazing piece of art she’d ever seen! Or, the star that goes on the very top of our tree that was a gift from my great grandma moose. And, that infamous string of lights that got stuck in Hal’s antlers when we crashed into the North Pole. That was one incredible Christmas! Each one has its own special memory and they all take their place on our tree. It seems like we collect more and more decorations each year… I think we’re going to have to get a bigger tree!

After the tree was set up, we made hot cocoa (with marshmallows of course) and sang our favorite Christmas carols together like Jingle Bell Rock. It was a great day!

Collecting gifts to make Christmas wishes come true


I love Christmas SO much and I want to make sure everyone has a great one this year! That’s why I have been collecting gifts to donate to charity. It is so important to give back and help out people in my community. And everyone has a Christmas wish, right? A new toy should help put a smile on their face and make their wish come true.
It feels really good to know that I am helping others! Even though I’m still a kid I know that I really can make a difference in the world.
What are you doing to give back and support your community?

Postcard from Sol, the Elf


I got home from school today and I got a postcard from Sol, the Elf! Check it out!

Dear Holly,

You were absolutely right! Build-A-Bear Workshop really does have some great gifts! We are so lucky that they were there to lend a helping paw! And, Santa’s Elves have been working hard at Build-A-Bear Workshop to make sure this is going to be the best Christmas ever! The workload is heavier than usual because there were SO many boys and girls on the good list this year, which means there are a lot of toys to be made.  We could use all the help we can get. So you and your friends should come by the store and make gifts with us. Hope to see you soon, Holly!

Have an ELFtastic day!

Sol, the Elf

P.S. Have you checked out my interview on the Chloe Show at buildabearville.com?!

Holiday fun at buildabearville.com!


THE NORTH POLE IS OPEN!!! This is my most favorite place in all of Build-A-Bearville and this year there are new games, an outdoor theater, Mrs. Claus’ kitchen and more!
There are also 2 new rides available in the Bearville Outfitters store…skis and ski scooter!
Plus you can check out the all NEW holiday adventures “Under the North Star! An Uplifting Christmas Adventure”, playing at the outdoor theater. I play a small role in the new story – so be on the lookout. And when you watch them all you’ll get a FREE poster of me and Hal for your Cub Condo house!



Happy Thanksgiving everyone. This year, was a little bit different. Instead of our traditional feast at home…we packed up the herd and headed to New York City!!!
Why? Well, Build-A-Bear Workshop asked us to appear on their float in the Thanksgiving parade! Did you see me?! I was waving to all of my fans!

If you missed our movie debut it's playing again on Saturday, November 27 at 10 am Eastern on ABC Family... can you believe we are in a real movie?  I keep pinching myself.

Don’t forget! This weekend Build-A-Bear Workshop will be hosting the Mini Moose-A-Palooza! You can get a FREE mini moose Pair – Mini me and my brother Hal Moose - when you spend $30 or more. And with so much great stuff in store like NEW Seasons Of Hugs Winter Hugs Bear, Polar Bear and any of our furry friends dressed in NEW winter fashions – these mini moose are gonna go FAST! Check out all of their great stuff. They have the best gifts on Earth! They’re cute; they’re loveable; they’re personalized; and with a special wish inside – each friend is unique; plus it’s a gift that just keeps on giving because you can play together online for FREE! PAWSOME!

Tune into ABC Family


Guess what?! I’m going to be on TV! I mean I knew when all that crazy stuff with Hal flying with Santa’s sleigh was exciting, but a TV movie for the entire family – WOW! Look for Holly & Hal Moose: Our Uplifting Christmas Adventure premiering TOMORROW, Tuesday, November 24 at 7 p.m. EST and Saturday, November 28 at 10 a.m. EST on ABC Family in the U.S. 

It is SO exciting though! And don’t worry, I promise when I’m a gigantic super star I’ll still remember where I got my start – right here at Build-A-Bear Workshop.

Plus, after the movie airs, you can buy the DVD. So you and your family will be able to make watching our movie a new holiday tradition at your house! Me and Hal? A Holiday tradition? It’s kinda crazy to think about but anything is possible, right? I guess that’s what happens when moose dream…uplifting stuff happens.

Thanks fur your questions!


Hi, EmilyRainbow777! Thanks so much for your question:
“Hi Holly!! I am so happy that they are coming back out with you and Hal this holiday season. I got you and your brother Hal last year so I will not get you two again this. Quick question, I remember last year that at the workshop they had little Hal and Holly's, are they going to come back out with them this year?? Have a very nice day, Holly!!”

The answer is YES! From Friday – Sunday, November 27 – 29, you can visit any Build-A-Bear Workshop store in the United States for Mini Moose-A-Palooza! That just sounds fun, doesn’t it?! You can get a FREE mini moose pair (me and Hal) when you spend $30 or more! Isn’t that fantastic!? But it’s in store for a limited time only so you better get ‘em quick before they run out!

Hi, Gracie! Thanks so much for your question:
“Does Santa have any build-a-bear elfs? 'Cause i think they would be cute and cuddly! Hey what does the north pole look like”
TTFN: Ta, Ta For Now!!

Santa set up shop at Build-A-Bear Workshop because SO many people were asking for gifts that you can’t find anywhere else, like a furry friend dressed in a beary cute elf outfit. It’s so great that Build-A-Bear Workshop decided to help him out with their exclusive stuff so he can make every Christmas wish come true. The lil’ elf is so adorable, Gracie! I put it on my wish list and I really hope I find one under my tree this year!

So, about the North Pole….it is the most beautiful place I have ever seen! It’s just as I dreamed it would be…MAGICAL. The Workshop is filled with merry voices of elves, singing while they work and countless toys being made (all backed by a smile guarantee). You can just tell that you’re standing in one of the most important places on earth because the Christmas wishes of boys and girls around the world rest upon the little shoulders of Santa’s elves. But, now you don’t have to go to the North Pole to see the magic of Santa’s Workshop. You can visit any Build-A-Bear Workshop store to visit Santa’s Elves and be an honorary elf! It’s MOOSETASTIC.


My Favorite Teacher


Today was a great day because I had class with Ms. Moosette. She’s my most favorite teacher! She teaches science, which I absolutely love because I learn lots of great stuff to help with all of my inventions. Sometimes, I even stay after school to show her all of my work! She’s so great and has encouraged me to keep sketching and dreaming up new inventions! Do you have a favorite teacher?

I’m back! (At Build-A-Bear Workshop)


Guess what?! Hal and I are BACK at Build-A-Bear Workshop just for the holidays! Yes. It’s true. You can make your very own ME and my brother, Hal Moose! And we’re back with some cool NEW friends like Mini Robot Hal, Polar Bear, Winter Hugs Bear and more! Plus new fashions that you may recognize – they’re my favorite. It’s exactly what Hal and I were wearing when we saved Christmas. IT’S SO EXCITING! Check it out!

Elf invasion at Build-A-Bear Workshop!?


Have you heard? Santa’s Elves set up shop at Build-A-Bear Workshop this holiday season! Why, you ask? Ok, here’s the deal…when I was at the North Pole last Christmas I told Santa’s Elves that Build-A-Bear Workshop is where the coolest gifts are made that everybody wants. They received mounds of mail with letters from kids all over the world asking for stuff you can only get at Build-A-Bear Workshop like a stuffable ME and my bro, Hal Moose, Winter Hugs Bear, Bear Buck$ gift cards and more! I guess they got a little jealous, and decided to check out the toy-making competition for themselves. When they got to Build-A-Bear Workshop and saw all of the pawsome stuff, Santa called Chief Executive Bear, Maxine Clark, to see if they could set up shop there for the holidays. Isn’t that fantastic!? Santa’s elves working at Build-A-Bear Workshop! They even renamed it Santa’s Workshop for the holidays! AND Build-A-Bear Workshop Guests get to be Honorary Elves. Yep! That’s right. ANYONE can be an elf! (They are even raising the height limit.) Just go to the store and one of Santa’s HelpBEARS will give you a FREE Official Elf Access Card with tips for being the best elf ever, FREE exclusive virtual elf gifts at buildabearville.com (my fav) and more! PLUS I used the card to reveal secret messages from the elves around the store. It. Is. AWESOME!  Check it out at a store near you! Click here.

What was Hal for Halloween?


Thanks for your question anaadventurebear130. Hal also dressed up as one of Santa’s Elves! He LOVES Christmas…almost as much as me! :)



Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween everyone! I bet you’re all wondering what I decided to be. Ahem…drum roll please...I dressed up as one of Santa’s Elves!

It should have been an obvious choice, because after all, Christmas IS my favorite holiday and I probably have more Christmas spirit than anyone I know! Well, maybe Hal and I are tied. :)

I picked out the most adorable outfit, too. Red and white striped tights, green booties with bells of course, a fabulous green dress and a matching hat! This is the one and only day that I will give up my signature red bow – you all know it’s my favorite!

But, I had so much fun being an elf today that it just really got me into the Christmas spirit. Only 55 more days! The countdown is on!

Trip to the Pumpkin Patch


I had the BEST afternoon! After school today, mom took me and Hal to the pumpkin patch. It was a blast!

When we got there, we drank hot apple cider which was absolutely delicious! Then, we took a hay ride to where all of the pumpkins were. I’m not kidding; I have never seen so many pumpkins in all my life. We walked around for a while before each of us chose the perfect one to make jack-o-lanterns!

When we got home, we got straight to work. With mom’s help, we carved our pumpkins. First, she cut the top off. Then, we scooped out the insides. It was sorta gross but we wanted to save all the pumpkin seeds so mom could toast them (they make a yummy snack)! Anyways, we made some of the most fabulous jack-o-lanterns. Hal even stuck two twigs in his, one on each side, to make it look like a moose! Hahaha!

What a great day! Hope yours was, too. :)

What should I be for Halloween? Thoughts?


OK, it’s crunch time. There’s only one week until Halloween and I really need to figure out my costume. I’ve already received lots of moosetastic suggestions from you to dress up as a witch, a reindeer, a kitty, a pumpkin, a ballerina and an angel. These are ALL fabulous ideas! Thanks! But, I am still having a really hard time deciding. Decisions, decisions…

Anyways, I’ve been so busy planning my Halloween party that I totally forgot one of the most important details of all…my costume! I planned a lot of fun stuff for my friends like apple bobbing, pumpkin decorating and a costume contest – which is exactly why I need the perfect costume!

Help please!

After school special


Hi everyone. I’ve come to the end of a very long day and thought I would write a quick posting before I hit the hay!

School was great! I had a full day of classes including my 2 favorites – science and art. I absolutely love them because I learn a lot of great stuff to help me with my inventions.
When I got home, I got straight to work on my chores. Mom asked me to help rake the leaves in the backyard. And, just when I had all of my piles perfectly lined up and ready to put into trash bags, my brother, Hal came charging through the back yard and dove right in the center of my hard work! What a goof! At least he helped me finish up.

When we came inside, mom had an awesome dinner ready for us to eat: root stew, bark burgers and mixed berries for dessert – YUMMY!

After dinner, I finished up all of my homework and now, I’m saying goodnight to you!

Goodnight, everyone! TTYL

Kooky Spooky Fun


OMG so I was playing in Build-A-Bearville yesterday and I read in the Bearville Times that I can get a FREE Virtual Magic Shrinking Move and 2 Bearville Outfitters credits when I make an animal at Build-A-Bear Workshop during the month of October and bring it to life online for FREE! So, after school today, I took my chore money that I had saved up and headed over to the mall to buy a new stuffed animal.

There were so many cute choices which made it almost impossible to choose! But, the Bear Builders were so helpful and showed me one of the latest friends to arrive, Kooky Spooky Kitty, and I knew that was the one. She is so festive for fall and has an adorable bow on her tail (you know I love bows). Of course, I couldn’t leave the store without getting her some fab fashions, too. I found the perfect Sparkle Witch Costume that comes with a dress, a hat and a broomstick. It’s just pawfect for Halloween which is one of my favorite holidays (after Christmas of course)!

Anyways, as soon as I got home, I logged onto buildabearville.com and brought her to life. My move and Bearville Outfitters credits were already in my “My Stuff”! It was SO easy. Anyways, I took a walk around the world to show off my new move to all of my friends! My online character shrunk right before my very eyes. It was AWESOME. Then, I headed over to the Bearville Outfitters store to shop. There were so many ways to use my Bearville Outfitters credits from clothes to furniture for my Cub Condo and more! I decided on a witch costume for my online character AND my new Kooky Spooky Kitty.  They were each only 1 credit and we look BOOrrific!

Then, we went to check out the NEW Kooky Spooky Fun House. (I promise it’s not scary at all.) It is just so much fun. You can go on a Kooky Spooky Kitty Quest with Kooky Spooky Kitty and you can go through the Kooky Spooky Maze – you enter through a trap door! Woah – that’s a lot of kooky spooky fun! Anyways, you should def check it out. Click here.

Fall Is Officially Here


Hi everyone. I’ve missed you so much but I’ve just been so busy and thought I should fill you in on what’s been going on with ME!

It was a MOOSETASTIC summer. When I got out of school, Hal and I went on a family vacay to the Taiga Pine Forests to visit my grandparents. We had an absolute blast just hanging out, hiking, cooking, playing games and reading books. I just love my family!!! They’re the best.

When I got back from my trip, I missed my friends SO much that I spent every chance I could with them hanging out, swimming, having sleepovers, watching movies, playing games and camping out in my backyard. It was so nice to be able to hang out without worrying about it being a school night or having homework and studying to do. I heart summer!

The last part of my summer I went to sleep away camp for 3 whole weeks! It was a long time to be away from home but I wrote my mom and dad every day and my brother, Hal was there so I didn’t get too homesick. I had a fabulous time and made a lot of new friends. We all meet up in Build-A-Bearville to chat and play games together. We even went to virtual camp – Camp Happy Heart – and played all of the fun games. Build-A-Bearville is such a great way to keep in touch with friends!

When I got back from camp it was already time to get ready to go back to school, which included shopping for new clothes – YEAY! I got a brand new coat, jeans and some really awesome boots! I also got to pick out new school supplies and, of course, I went for the set of glittery pens, binders and folders –all coordinating of course. And I can’t forget about my brand new journal. It’s not really for school; it’s for sketching up inventions. You know I love to dream up new stuff all the time and my last journal was jammed full of ideas! Including one that helped make history…Hal’s spring shoes!

Anyway, summer just completely flew by but I was super excited to start my first day of school. And can you believe it? Now it’s already FALL! You know what that means. Halloween is right around the corner! Any suggestions on what I should be? What’s your favorite Halloween treat?

Friends CAN Make a Difference


 Love. Hugs. Peace. logo

Today I made a hug pledge to help Save The Children at www.buildabear.com/lovehugspeace. You’re probably wondering what that even means…aren’t you?  Well, Build-A-Bear Workshop started this brand new program called Love. Hugs. Peace, which is all about sharing and working together to help our communities. Because that’s SO important to me, I decided to check it out and join the movement! 

And that, my friends, is why I’ve decided to help Save The Children, a MOOSEtastic charity that helps kids in need. When I make a $1 donation to Save The Children I’ll get a free download of the exclusive Build-A-Bear Workshop song Let’s Talk About Love performed by David Archuleta. So, I get to listen to David Archuleta, who is like one of my most FAVORITE singers (and he’s SO cute, too) to help a great cause ϑ.

You know, even though we’re young, kids CAN help make the world a better place. How will YOU help? There are lots of free things you can do that can make a big difference, like promising to do one nice thing for someone every day, volunteering at an animal shelter or even giving out hugs to your family and friends…there’s something for everyone so check it out!

I heart Valentine's Day!


I don’t know if you know this, but my second favorite holiday (after Christmas of course) is Valentine’s Day! And right now buildabearville.com is having a MOOSETASTIC V-day celebration and fabulous decorations all over the world! I HEART it!

I’ve been partying it up at theSock Hop in the new Gymnasium at Bear University. And, for the first time ever, your furry friend can hop out of your backpack and join in the dance, too! Me and mini Holly have been bustin’ out some moves together! Plus you can play new games and get a pawsome gift, too!

Check it out!

My lil’ bro


A lot of you have been asking about Hal, so I thought I would give you an update on my lil’ bro. 

Yes, I will admit, I used to give him a hard time for being a dreamer, but it turns out when moose dream…uplifting stuff happens! Ever since Hal’s wish came true to fly with Santa he’s really started to put a hoof in the right direction in everything that he does. He’s totally focused on doing well in school, has started studying and reading about all sorts of different things and he is ALWAYS dreaming up new adventures! The latest – Hal wants to climb the highest mountain and maybe even learn to fly an airplane.  It just goes to show you that the sky is NOT the limit!  

I guess we could all learn a little something from Hal. Who knew!?

Me? A Huggable Hero?


My brother, Hal was nice enough to nominate me to be a Huggable Hero at Build-A-Bear Workshop! He told me that he knows I’ve been really involved and super busy making a difference in our community so he wanted to recognize me at our favorite place – Build-A-Bear Workshop! Aww, Hal – I guess even little brothers can have their moments!

He is right though – I have been SO busy with keeping up my grades at school AND volunteering in my community. I spend a lot of time collecting old clothes and toys to be donated to charity and once a week my family volunteers at the children’s hospital. It feels really good to know that I am helping others! Even though I’m still a kid I know that I really can make a difference in the world. 

So what are you doing to help make a difference in your community? You can nominate a huggable hero at www.buildabear.com/huggableheroes.



Today was the presidential inauguration. I have been learning all about it in school and it was so fun to finally get to see it on TV! It’s this HUGE ceremony where the elected President, Barack Obama, actually became the President. He stood on the steps of the Capitol building in Washington D.C., took the Oath of Office and gave an inaugural address. It’s pretty cool to see since it only happens every four years.

Actually, I was reading Maxine’s blog the other day and she mentioned she was going to the inauguration! I looked for her on TV but didn’t see her.   

Today was also the Inauguration of Pawlette Coufur as Ambassador of Build-A-Bearville at buildabearville.com. She gave out a cool new move to celebrate and is going to be featured on The Chloe Show tomorrow. I can’t wait to see it! All the candidates were fabulous but I know Pawlette will really bring a lot to Bearville community. And, even though she ran against Bearemy and Brown Sugar Puppy they’re all going to work together to help me make Build-A-Bearville a better place. 


School Days, School Days…


School has been SUPER busy these days...I have been doing lots of cool projects and learning A LOT!  I stayed up till 9:00 last night learning all of the states and capitals and finishing up my geometry homework. It’s a lot of hard work and it makes it really hard to keep up with the blog. I’ll do my best though! 

'Bye for now! TTYL!

I heart my fans!!!


I just wanted to send a quick shout out to all of my fans and loyal readers. You all are SO MOOSETASTIC! I spend so much time reading through your comments and hearing your stories. Thanks so much and keep em’ coming!

The North Pole at buildabearville.com


When I’m not at school or studying, I spend a lot of time playing in Build-A-Bearville with my new Holly Moose! We’ve been decorating my Cub Condo, buying fabulous outfits, playing lots of fun games….and, one of my favorite things to do, visiting the North Pole! Right now you can play all of the games there like Reindeer Flight Training, Santa’s Assembly Line and Moose Toboggan for double Bear Bills!!! MOOSETASTIC!

Plus, it’s my last chance to say “Goodbye” to Santa and Mrs. C. before the North Pole closes for the season on January 15. ☹

Check it out!

FUN at Build-A-Bear Workshop!


So, the other day my mom took me and Hal to Build-A-Bear Workshop to use our Bear Buck$ gift cards that we got for Christmas. 

It was SUCH A BLAST! I went through every step of the process … and here’s what I did:

At Choose Me, I picked out my new furry friend – of course, I chose the Holly Moose that Maxine promised would be there. She’s adorable and I love her so much! Thanks again, Maxine!

At Hear Me, I decided to choose a sound to go inside Holly Moose. I listened to all of the options, but, in the end, I decided to have my mom record a sound so I can hear her voice every time I give Holly Moose a squeeze.

At Stuff Me, I stuffed her just right so she had the perfect amount of huggability. 

At Fluff Me, I brushed her and fluffed her until her fur was positively fabulous.

At Dress Me, I picked out MOOSETASTIC outfits like a rose embroidered flowered leggings outfit.  

At Name Me, I completed Holly’s birth certificate with her name and everything! Plus, I got an animal ID and key code so I can play with her online at buildabearville.com. I already have my online character and play with my curly teddy in Build-A-Bearville all the time! But, now that I have a new furry friend, I’ll get an extra room for my Cub Condo and more cool virtual stuff!

What a fun day! I can’t wait to go back! 

Moose Emporium Shopping Spree


After school today, mom is going to take me and Hal to the Build-A-Bear Workshop store at the Moose Emporium to use our Bear Buck$ gift cards that we got for Christmas. I am SO excited.

I have been checking out the Build-A-Bear Workshop website every day to see what’s new. I saw that there’s a brand new monkey (Hugs Fur You Monkey) that’s pink with hearts on it and long huggable arms! It’s so adorable! There’s also a new Jack Russell Terrier that’s totally cute, too. Hmmm… so many decisions, how will I ever choose? 

Check it out... what do you guys think I should get?

I know that I really want to pick out some new fashions for my Curly Teddy, Lil’ Holly, and I will definitely make the Holly Moose that Maxine promised would be there.

I just can’t wait!

Fun stuff to do in the snow


This morning when I woke the ground was covered in a blanket of snow, the windows were foggy and lined with frost and there were icicles dangling from the roof. And guess what!? My mom came into my bedroom to let me know that SCHOOL WAS CANCELLED and we had a SNOW DAY!!!! I love that I get an extra bit of sleep, more time to stay warm in bed, but best of all, I love that get to play in the snow ALL DAY.  Here are some fun things Hal and I love to do in the snow: 
  • Build a snowman – Hal always adds a branch to each side of his snow man’s head to make it a snow moose! ☺
  • Make a snow fort – we found some big containers in our garage and filled them up with snow. Then, we emptied them upside down and built a huge wall. It makes the perfect hiding spot for a snowball fight!
  • Snowball fight – a friendly game me and Hal always play. We make lots of snowballs and toss them back and forth at each other.
  • Catching snowflakes – I love to just stand and look up and follow an individual snowflake that’s falling from the sky. Before it makes its way to the ground I try and catch it on my tongue! 
  • Make snow angels – we lay flat on our back in a fresh patch of snow. Then, we brush our arms and legs up and down in the snow to make a beautiful angel! 
Happy snow day! TTYL!

School is back in session


Tomorrow is my first day back to school from winter break and I am just SO excited to see all my friends and find out what they got for Christmas and how they spent their holiday vacation!

Thank you all for sharing what you got for the holidays with me. It sounds like you all got some really great stuff and had fabulous fun spending time with your families!

Oh, and I already have my outfit picked out and everything! I am going to wear my favorite blue jeans, faux-fur boots, a big red sweater and, of course, my red hair bow!  

Also, I set out my latest scrapbook to bring in for show-and-tell tomorrow. I think my classmates will really enjoy hearing about my adventures with Hal and seeing actual pictures of the North Pole and more!

The Elves Take A Vacation


We all know that Santa’s elves work really, really hard all year long. But, I bet you didn’t know that after Christmas, they pack up and take a vacation! They never tell anyone where they’re going but it’s usually some place warm where they can kick back and relax.  After all, they deserve some time off before they have to get back to work and start making toys for next year!

Here’s a post card they sent me and Hal:

Greetings Holly and Hal,

Well, we had another great Christmas! Lots of good boys and girls this year, so we worked extra hard! Just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year and thank you again for all of your help! 

The North Pole Elves 

It was so great to hear from them! Hmmm…maybe I better get to work on a letter so they’ll have some mail waiting for them for when they get back! 

New Year's Resolutions


A new year is here again and I always kick it off by making resolutions for the year to come. So here are mine for 2009!
  • I will give back to the community. I am going to clean out my closet and donate all of my old clothes that are too small and toys that I don’t play with anymore to other moose in need. I really want to make a big difference, so I’m going to get all of my friends involved! Heck, with all the good work we’ll be doing, we could even nominate ourselves to be a Build-A-Bear Workshop Huggable Hero! Those kids are so inspiring!
  • I will always be responsible when using the computer. I will not give out any personal information like my full name, birth date, address, phone number, or the name of my school. I will review Internet safety with my parents and always follow their rules.
  • I will keep my bedroom organized and make my bed every day. I will make sure to put away my clean clothes and put my dirty ones in the laundry basket. I will hang my towel up in the bathroom.
  • I will work hard and do my best in school. I will hand in my homework on time and not wait until the night before to start working on a big project. If I need extra help with a subject, I will ask a teacher or mom and dad.
  • I will always be kind to my family and friends. I will remember to say “please,” “thank you,” “you’re welcome,” “excuse me,” etc… I will be patient with Hal. 
Happy New Year, everyone!

A note from Mrs. C.!!!


When I was unwrapping my Christmas presents, I found the most special surprise of all – a note from Mrs. C!  Check it out...
Dear Holly,
I just wanted to wish you and Hal a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Santa told me you were a very good moose all year long so I hope this Christmas was everything you wished for and more! 
 I am happy to report that the new Workshop system you put into place is working great! Before you came along, we used an old dusty chalkboard to keep track of the master schedule and every time there was a change to be made, an elf had to roll a ladder over to it, climb up, erase the old numbers and scrawl the new ones! Your schedules, spreadsheets, toy inventory tracking system, supply and analysis programs once seemed like a foreign language to me, but with your help you turned our old fashioned system thigh tech! But most importantly, Holly, you helped us uphold a time-honored toy-making tradition while being efficient and helping us moving forward to keep up with the times.
 Your ambitious spirit and positive attitude still impress me to this day and I think about you and Hal all the time. You even left an impact on, Sol, the elf, who I must admit had his doubts about two moose saving Christmas.  I am so very proud of you. Keep up the good work and don’t forget to follow and (maybe even chase) your dreams!
We hope you and Hal will visit again soon!

Lots of love,
Mrs. C

My favorite Christmas gifts



I got up at the crack of dawn this morning to open up all of the great gifts Santa left! I got a lot of great things from my list…

The first gift I opened was a brand new red, rhinestone face plate for my cell phone! Seriously, it’s so fabulous!

Santa also left a printer that will let me print off all the pictures I take. I have been printing pictures all day for my next scrapbook! 

Finally, my most favorite gift of all…I got a Build-A-Bear Workshop Bear Buck$ gift card! Ever since Maxine wrote me back I have been dying to get to the store and see the moose that she promised would be there. I checked them out at www.buildabear.com and they’re MOOSETASTIC ! Plus, I’ve had my eye on some new fashions and accessories for my Curly Teddy, Lil’ Holly. I can’t wait to go to the store to shop!

So, what did you guys get this year?

Christmas Eve at the Moose House


Can you believe it? Christmas is finally here – my favorite day of the whole year! And it will be a white Christmas indeed. It snowed today! We always have a white Christmas, but I still love it when it snows on the actual day.
We have SO much to do before Santa comes tonight and my family has lots of old and some new family traditions to carry on this year.  So, here’s how we will spend Christmas Eve in the moose house: 
This year, instead of baking mom’s famous chocolate chip cookies, we will bake Santa’s favorite – blueberry muffins! 
Next, Hal and I will hang our stockings, while Dad builds a fire in the fireplace and mom plays our favorite Christmas carols on the piano. 
Then, we’ll finish up our notes to Santa and place them under the tree. 
Hal and I will set the table and help mom cook dinner – every year we have the same delicious spread – a berry casserole, grass soufflé, twig torte and mud pie. YUMMY!
After dinner, we set out our freshly baked muffins for Santa and, of course, a little treat for Santa’s reindeer, too (or rein-moose-deer as I like to call them).
Finally, it’s off to bed! Every year, I always try to wait up for Santa, but for some reason, no matter how hard I try, I doze off and (coincidentally) that’s when he comes! It’s ok though, I know he’s super busy and has so many toys to deliver.
Merry Christmas, everyone! 

Christmas Caroling


“Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock! Da-da-da-da-da, hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmmmmmm….”
Ever get a song stuck in your head that you just can’t get out? You’re not alone! 
With Christmas just 2 days away (YEAYYY) I’ve been really getting into the Christmas spirit.  It's so nice to be on a break from school. I got to spend all day baking cookies, hanging ornaments, decorating a fabulous gingerbread house and, oh yes, singing Christmas carols! And now I just can’t get my favorite song outta my head! 
This is going to be the BEST Christmas ever!

What’s Hanukkah?


Last week in school I learned all about the Jewish holiday, Hanukkah. And, tonight (lucky me!) I went to a party at my friend's house to celebrate the first night of Hanukkah! So, I thought I would share some fun stuff that I learned with you… 

Hanukkah is celebrated for eight-days and is also called the "Festival of Lights.”  The holiday remembers the rededication of the ancient temple in Jerusalem but also a miracle of oil!

When the Jews reclaimed their temple they found only one small container of oil to light up the menorah (a candelabra) which was a really important part of their daily services. There was only enough oil to last one night and it would take eight days to produce more oil. But, a miracle happened! That very small amount of oil lasted not just one night but eight nights! 

So, a menorah with nine branches is lit on Hanukkah. Eight candles (one for each night of Hanukkah) are lit by a "Shamash" or service candle which takes its place at the center of the menorah. 

And, because of the special role that oil played in the Hanukkah miracle, we ate lots of foods fried in oil, like doughnuts and potato pancakes – YUM!

Plus, we played a really fun game called dreidel, which is like a four-sided spinning top! Hmmm…I wonder how that works? Wonder if I could I could make one?

Anyways, Happy Hanukkah, everyone!

Sledding Safety Tips!


I LOVE to go sledding…there’s nothing better than an afternoon on a snowy slope with your friends, but it’s always important to be safe! Check out my tips for keeping warm, staying safe and having a total blast! 

Tip 1: Dress for the occasion
Stay warm AND look cool by layering up! Here are some fabulous options…
Boys – bundle up in a red quilted vest, buffalo checked shirt, buffalo checked hat or red & black scarf set
Girls – get cozy in a fuchsia quilted vest, silver quilted coat and even a pair of faux fur boots
Also, don’t forget some sweet shades to protect your eyes, too!

Tip 2: Pick the right spot
Choose a well-lit, obstacle and crowd-free slope – make sure the bottom of the slope is flat and doesn’t end in the street. 

Tip 3: Sit up
Always sled with your feet in front. Never sled head (or antlers) first!

Tip 4: ONLY sled with your parent’s permission and under their supervision
Plus, they can snap some great pics of you and your friends, too.

Perfect Project For A Snow Day


So, you all know that I absolutely love taking pictures…but after I capture a memory in a photo, I like to preserve it in a very special scrapbook. It’s a really fun and creative way to keep track of all of your memories.

Scrapbooking starts with your photos and an idea. What you do with it is totally up to you - use your imagination! 

First, I always pick out a theme for my scrapbook. My most recent… “My Adventures With Hal.” Other theme ideas you can choose are family & friends, holidays, vacation & travel, pets, events & birthdays, hobbies, sports – the possibilities are endless! 

Next, I gather some basic materials such as: 
  • Stencils 
  • Stickers 
  • Markers, colored pencils, crayons
  • Borders 
  • Stamps 
  • Assortment of fabulous embellishments like glitter, gems, ribbon, buttons, tags, etc. 
  • Magazine and newspaper clippings
  • Special keepsakes such as a ticket stub from a favorite movie, a candy cane from my trip to The North Pole, etc.
  • Fancy edge cutting scissors 
  • Assortment of papers 
  • Tape
  • Glue
Finally, I assemble my scrapbook. I always write in headlines and captions for each page to make sure I don't forget a thing!

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

Check out these printable pages, pics and more to help you get

Time Travel


Have you ever wondered why it takes SOOOOO long for Christmas to come every year? Each year it feels like it takes longer and longer for Santa to come and I could never figure out why, until…
…when I was at the North Pole, Mrs. C. let me in on a BIG secret – there is a giant grandfather clock there that controls time! And sometimes, Mrs. C. has to stop the clock so the elves can finish all the toys in time for Christmas. I mean, she can't stop time indefinitely, but she can hold it back a little bit. Don’t get me wrong, the elves work really, really hard! They are so helpful and efficient, but each year, more and more boys and girls are added to the “good list” so they need a little extra time to finish up! 

Crazy, huh? But, it all makes so much sense now!

Christmas Lights…and My Brother


Ever wonder why my brother Hal has lights on his antlers? He wasn’t born with them or anything…although now that he has them I think they’re there for good! 

Anyways, it happened back when we literally crashed into the North Pole! We were coming in for a landing when we hit a tree and Hal got tangled in a string of lights. But, it happened AGAIN when we took off with Santa’s sleigh – on our first attempt to take off, we were flying a tad too low and Hal got another set of lights in his antlers! Funny how things work out – his lights helped us see through the storm even better. And, as they say, the rest is history!

They’ve turned out to be pretty useful, actually. Once, when the power went out in our house, he helped me find my way around. Another time, we were at a concert to hear my favorite Christmas carolers and we got separated in the crowd. But with those sparkling lights, I had no trouble finding him at all! 

Now, every moose at school wants lights in their antlers, too! Who knew Hal could be such a trendsetter?

A rein-moose-deer?


My Christmas adventure with my brother Hal helped me realize that dreams become real in the most unexpected ways….

With a little help, a lot of luck and much determination Hal’s dream to fly with Santa finally came true – and, oddly enough, so did mine! 

When faced with a tough situation, I always say, “spring into action,” and when Christmas was threatened to be cancelled and Hal’s dream was at stake that’s exactly what I did! 

I dreamed up an invention (springs for Hal’s hooves) to help give him the lift he needed to fly, and actually it helped him realize that his antlers kept him in the air. So, together (with Hal’s idea and my handiness) we created a device to slip over the reindeers’ pointed racks transforming Santa’s eight reindeer into mighty moose. I have to admit, we made a pretty good team! 

Anyways, our invention helped the reindeer navigate through the wickedest blizzards and maneuver around whatever world-wide weather conditions came their way. But, most importantly, it helped Santa realize that maybe moose CAN fly and helped me realize that dreams CAN come true.

Sometimes dreams are a mystery. They are all tangled up with reality, and it seems like it’s impossible for them to be free. But with the help of my little brother (who I once thought of as just a day dreamer) I was finally able to realize that the sky is NOT the limit. You have to have dreams and chase them, too! I always dreamed of being an inventor – and that day I became one! In the end, I guess we elevated each other…and so it came to be that Hal FLEW with Santa and led his sleigh on that stormy Christmas.

Mooslish (Moose + English)


So, I told you about visiting my 3rd cousin (four times removed on my dad’s side) at the Taiga Pine Forests and about how he speaks Mooselish (a combination of Moose and English). Well, guess what? He started his own website and he can translate all kinds of messages for you!  

Check it out and send messages to ALL of your friends! It’s a moosetastic way to wish someone happy holidays!

Mrs. C’s Famous Blueberry Muffins!


On my journey to the North Pole I uncovered a BIG secret! It’s SO huge and SO moose-tastic that I can hardly keep it in any longer! 

While a lot of people leave milk and cookies for Santa… he actually LOVES blueberry muffins. Seriously, they are his absolute favorite (Mrs. C. told me so!) So, here’s her famous recipe. Help your Mom make it this year – Santa will love it! 

Mrs. C’s Famous Blueberry Muffins – Santa’s Favorite
3/4 cup all purpose flour
1/3 cup North Pole Snow (or sugar)
2 ½ tsp baking powder
½ tsp salt
1 cup fresh or thawed frozen berries
¾ cup milk
1 egg
1/3 cup melted butter
  • In a large bowl combine flour sugar, baking powder and salt
  • Stir in blueberries
  • Add milk, egg and butter
  • Mix just until dry ingredients are moistened.
  • The batter will be lumpy but do not overbeat
  • Spoon batter into 12 (2 ½ inch) greased muffin cups
  • Bake at 400 degrees F for 25 minutes or until tops spring back when lightly touched
  • Serve warm

What I REALLY want for Christmas


So I’ve made my list and now I’m checking it twice before I send it off to Santa Claus. Check it out!

Dear Santa,

I hope you, Mrs. C., the reindeers and the elves are all doing well. I bet you all are super busy this close to the holidays! It’s the only thing on my mind – I can hardly think about anything else! 

So, I am writing to tell you that I’ve been a really good girl moose all year long – I make my bed every morning, study hard, get good grades…I’ve even been extra nice to Hal! That being said, I’ve put together a little wish list together of all the things I hope to find under my tree this year ☺ 

This year, all I really want for Christmas is…
  • Some awesome accessories for my cell phone like a cell phone charm (maybe even one with a totally cute moose head). Ringtone downloads of my favorite Christmas carols so I stay in the Christmas spirit all year long! A totally fabulous red, rhinestone face plate so my cell phone sparkles and shines! 
  • I would absolutely LOVE a new printer that will let me print off all the pictures I take! 
  • Of course, new fashions are a MUST, like a new red holiday dress, a white faux-fur purse and red glitter BearyJane® shoes.  
  • A Bear Bills virtual game card so I can shop for cool virtual stuff at buildabearville.com and get a sweet virtual ride!
  • Finally, (and most importantly) a Build-A-Bear Workshop Bear Buck$ gift card. I’ve had my eye on all the new fashions and accessories for my Curly Teddy, Lil’ Holly! 
Thanks, Santa! Hope you have a safe sleigh ride and hope the weather cooperates this year.

Holly Moose

Helping Santa’s Workshop Go Green!


On my visit to Santa’s Workshop I noticed a little toy robot that was out of control. It raced across workbenches, spinning its arms, knocking everything out of its way and repeating, “Nothing can stop me!” Hahaha, actually, it reminded me of my brother, Hal.
Anyways, there must have been a bug in its toy software and it probably would have been thrown away.  But, I knew this cute lil’ robot could be fixed in no time and I decided to put my skills to good use!
You see, I really think every toy deserves a good home and, most importantly, I know how important it is to recycle so, I made it my mission to save this robot from the dumpster. 
Taking care of the planet through recycling is especially important to us moose and other animals living in the wild because we rely on trees for food, shade and lots of other stuff!  
So, I got to work, fixing the glitches in his software and resetting his programs when all of the sudden his eyes flashed and he said “Thank you, Holly!”
Can you believe it? I actually saved him! And, this little triumph of mine also helped remind the elves at Santa’s Workshop of the importance of recycling and helping all toys find a good home. 

My 3rd cousin (four times removed on my dad’s side) on The Chloe Show!


Oh and I almost forgot to tell you...another cool thing to check out in Build-A-Bearville – the new episode of The Chloe Show! I just watched it and there’s an on-location ChloeRocks interview with a real moose, who just HAPPENS to be my distant cousin. Let me see… he’s my great, great, great, great grandfather’s… oh, nevermind. 

Anyway, when you watch the interview you get a cool new move too.

The North Pole! In Build-A-Bearville?


I played at buildabearville.com today and you will not believe what I saw! After a quick trip to the Pawlette Coufur Boutique store to stock up on the latest winter fashions, I boarded a train for – get this – the North Pole! 

It was just as I remembered it too, complete with a Reindeer Flight Training Center and Santa’s Workshop. There’s even a game where you can practice flying Santa’s sleigh! And don’t forget to stop in and play the Santa’s Assembly Line game in Santa’s Workshop. They’re trying to get all the gifts put together and wrapped in time for Christmas and they could really use our help. 

I’m really happy they decided to open the North Pole, now all of you can visit just like Hal and I did. Have fun!

My ideas and ponderings…


Check it out! Here are some sketches of my inventions to help Hal fly and fulfill his dreams! Who says Moose don’t fly?  


Reindeer Training


We all know that practice makes perfect and that goes for reindeer, too! The Flight Training Center was another incredible place in The North Pole where reindeer tested their skills in preparation for Christmas Eve.

There’s a giant fan that blew blizzard-like winds at the reindeer while they tried to land on a fake rooftops. And who did I find running this production? HAL Moose! They said his job was to try to knock them off balance.  LOL - he’s done that to me my whole life! 

But the reindeer were really struggling. Bottom line – if they couldn’t handle flying in the storm, they were grounded. That meant no Christmas!  Is that sad news or what?!!

So, they decided to let Hal have a go at flying…but the poor guy barely got six inches off the ground!  Even though he was embarrassed, he tried again.  No go. 

The other reindeers were laughing their tails off and making jokes about his antlers and how heavy he was. Ughhh, ok, let’s face it – we moose aren’t as nimble as reindeer. But, I didn’t think that was his problem. Hal just doesn’t have enough spring in his step! 

As I watched him try with all his might I noticed his antlers in a way I never did before - the wind swooped perfectly over them! I think with a little understanding anyone can fly…so, I headed back to the workshop to invent the perfect device that could help all my little brother’s dreams finally come true and hopefully SAVE CHRISTMAS!

Elves and The Elf Weather Center


As you might imagine, the elves at the North Pole are super busy this time of the year! The workload is actually so heavy that they have to divide up into teams: one to sort through all of the mail Santa receives, keep track of the “naughty” and “nice” list, paint candy canes, make toys (and there are more toys than ever because everyone has been so good this year) and wrap gifts.

There is even an entire team working at The Elf Weather Center. It’s one of the coolest things I have EVER seen. An entire room filled with gadgets, gears, and thingamajigs! Seriously, I was in heaven! Sol, the senior elf, even showed me this really cool radar that tracks the movement of the clouds, display’s the temperature and keeps track of wind speed to help the elves predict the flying conditions for Santa’s sleigh. 

They predicted the MOST terrible storm of the century but no one could have anticipated it would be as fierce as it was turning out to be. The storm was growing in strength and speed; the winds were twice as strong as they thought they would be; the snow was so heavy limiting the visibility –Santa would be flying blind! 

These terrible weather conditions would surely keep Santa grounded and wipe Christmas from the calendar this year!!! You see, reindeer are really great flyers but strong wind is their one big weakness. An action plan was definitely needed! 

Christmas Cancelled?


More about elves…

…The elves in the North Pole are really busy. They have so much to do that I can hardly believe that a year is long enough to make all the toys in time for Christmas! But they don’t just make toys! They actually run the weather center at the North Pole and predicted the most terrible storm of the century on Christmas Eve. It was to be SO bad and SO dangerous that Santa was afraid that Christmas may even have to be cancelled!

OMG – Christmas cancelled!?! These very words sent chills from my head to my hooves! The elves stopped singing, the bells stopped jingling and the reindeer stopped in their tracks. All of the North Pole seemed to be holding its collective breath. 

But instead of standing around moping we all decided to pitch in and to our part to help out! The elves got straight to work building toys, I headed over to the toy workshop with Mrs. C and Hal went to check out the reindeer in the flight simulation building. There’s nothing like Christmas to really pull everyone together… elves, moose and reindeer alike!

Crashing The North Pole


Sounds crazy…but it’s true! Hal and I literally crashed the North Pole! I even have pictures to prove it:

You’re probably wondering how we got there anyways. Well, when Hal and I were stuck in that ice cave we noticed something strange. I thought “we must be dreaming,” but it turns out, we weren’t. And then there it was – THE NORTH POLE! It was breathtaking! 

With no good way out, we were basically stranded. And you know, Hal did what he always does when faced with a delicate decision - raised his fists, bellowed, “Nothing can stop me!” threw me on his back and leapt over the cliff! Oh, did I mention that I’m SO afraid of heights!?!

Before I knew it we CRASHED in the center of the North Pole and hit something on our way down - an elf, yes, an honest to goodness elf! 

I went to make sure that lil’ elf was ok and there HE was - Santa Claus himself - in his sleigh dropping down out of the sky, coming in for a test landing! 

Every year my brother and I try (unsuccessfully) to catch of glimpse of the Big Guy leaving presents under the tree or snacking on the cookies we spent all day baking for him. And finally, I saw him! 

I bet you’re waiting for me to give you EVERY detail so here it goes: 

Mr. Claus – or “Santa” as prefers to be called – is a jolly man with rosy cheeks, a full white beard and twinkling blue eyes! He wears glasses and, when I saw him, he wasn’t dressed in his festive red suit. Instead, he was casual in a plaid shirt and green pants held up by suspenders. The best part is…he smells like pine cones and blueberry muffins. Yes – I thought it was a bit strange, too, but it’s a wonderful smell! Hmmm…I wonder if I can find that cologne for my dad for X-mas? 

Anyways, it was SO fab to meet him and got me thinking about all this other stuff that has been in my head all these years like… how do Santa and his reindeer get ready for their big night? Do elves have time to finish all the toys in one year? Where do elves come from anyways…? 

Virtual fun at buildabearville.com!


So, I like computers and tech stuff, but I love, love, LOVE buildabearville.com! It’s this really cool virtual world where I can play with Lil’ Holly, my Curly Teddy, online. Here’s a day in my Build-A-Bearville life:

8:37 a.m. The first thing I do when I log in is check Lil’ Holly’s stats. I’ve got to make sure she’s feeling her best before we go out on the town. 

9:32 a.m. I hang out in my Cub Condo house for a little while and catch up on this week’s news. The Bearville Times is packed with the latest cool stuff happening in Build-A-Bearville. 

9:47 a.m. I realize my living room could use a makeover, so I head over to the Bear Stuff store to do a little furniture shopping. I pick out some cool stuff to give my rooms a fabulous look! 

11:29 a.m. I stop to throw some coins into Furtastic Fountain and get… a Snow Shovel! YES! I really hope it snows soon!

12:15 p.m. The Bearville Times said the weather’s about to get colder – and I’ve got no winter clothes! On to the Pawlette Coufur Boutique. 

1:02 p.m. I pick out some cute long sleeve shirts – including a zebra print hoodie! But, I’ve spent too many Bear Bills, better go play some games!

3:14 p.m. I go to Bear University to play Fast & Furbulous Shapes. It’s one of my favorite since I love math. After a while, I’ve made back most of the Bear Bills I spent.

5:23 p.m. I stop by the Libeary to check out the newest issue of Paws Fur Nature – you’ll never believe what it’s about… Moose! 

7:48 p.m. I head home to redecorate. Now my Cub Condo has great fall style! I invite a few friends over for a dance party.

9:07 p.m. Whew! I’m tired. That was a busy day in Build-A-Bearville. GTG!

Maxine wrote back!


OMG, guess what? I came home from school today to find a letter from Maxine Clark, Build-A-Bear Workshop Founder and Chief Executive Bear - check it out!

Dear Holly Moose,

Thanks for writing to me! I absolutely love getting letters from our Guests, especially one of our biggest fans.

You sound like a very ambitious moose with lots of heart, and that’s just the kind of spirit we all need this holiday season. Your letter to me was so inspiring, in fact, that I’ve decided that we will have not one, but two moose in our stores - a boy and a girl, just like you and your little brother, Hal.

I hope that our Guests will start a new holiday tradition with these adorable moose friends, and that they will be inspired to believe in their dreams for many holidays to come just as you’ve inspired me. 

Continue to chase your dreams, Holly. I have a good feeling that you will make a beary big difference in the world. 

Bear Hugs,
Maxine Clark

P.S. I didn’t forget your request. Our girl moose will have a red bow, just like you!

The North Star – what I wish for….


Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight...

What did I wish for when I wished upon the North Star?  Well, it didn’t come true so I guess I can reveal my wish to you!

I wished that I didn’t have to babysit my little brother anymore; I wished that I could be at Eliza’s party gettin’ down to my favorite Christmas tunes; I wished that I could have the chance to finally show off my new moves and win the dance contest! 

Hal’s wish (don’t tell him I told you) is to lead Santa’s sleigh. He wants to fly across the sky with the reindeer to deliver all the presents across the world! As crazy as it is, I hope one of our wishes comes true.

The one accessory I CAN’T live without


The one accessory I can’t live without? Without question – my cell phone. Quite simply, I HEART it. One of my most favorite things to do is snap pictures and then post them here for you all to see. So, check out some of my latest and greatest:






Oh, this is a good one…NOT! Here I am, in a snowstorm, at the edge of an ice pit, in the middle of the wilderness trying to save Hal, AGAIN. My eyelashes look like tiny icicles; my BEST parka is soaking wet; my tuft, that had been so carefully curled that morning, is plastered to my forehead like a drowned rat. Thanks, Hal!







There he is, my little bro, making a wish on the North Star to lead Santa’s sleigh across the sky with the reindeer!  You know what I think? My little brother just needs to dream on.     

Aurora Borealis


So one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen is the aurora borealis or the “Northern Lights.”

Did you know????? The Northern Lights are created when solar winds interact with the edge of the Earth’s magnetic field.

It’s like a beautiful green glow on the horizon to the north that creates a glorious, astonishing display. Typically, they only come out in fall and spring (September & October or March & April) But it’s November, and my brother and I saw them. So what’s special about it being around Christmastime?

Hal thinks that when the Northern Lights appear within 12 days of Christmas, it’s caused by the energy emitted from Santa’s workshop at the North Pole as the elves rush to finish their toy manufacturing in time for Christmas Eve delivery. Puh-lease. He’s always dreaming about Santa and the North Pole. I hardly think a silly old story like that could be true. Elves making the sky light up? I don’t think so.

While I don’t know exactly what causes this light display in the night sky this time of the year, I do know that something magical must be happening to create something so extraordinary and beautiful.

Kickin’ up my hooves


So I’ve already told you how much I LOVE to dance. It’s what I wait for all year long, the dance-off at Eliza’s Christmas party. The day after last year’s party I immediately started planning my next dance. It took LOTS of work...hours researching the dancing trends, the coolest outfits...

It’s really starting to come together now, though. I’ve got the cutest red velvet dress, complete with faux-fur trim. I’ll look like quite the little Christmoose!

And I’ve put together the coolest routine. It’s got influences from all over the dance world—some ballroom moves I learned from Prancing with Celebrities, a little bit of hip-hop—oh, and don’t forget the Moosarena!

Visiting the Taiga Pine Forests


Yesterday, I took a day trip with my mom and Hal to the Taiga Pine Forests to visit my grandparents—my mom’s whole family is from there, so we go from time to time.

Anyway, I was SO excited that my third cousin (four times removed on my dad’s side) was there. He likes to travel, so he was just in town for the day. Best of all, he speaks Mooselish! We had lots of fun having him translate stuff for us. Even taught me to say “Happy Thanksgiving!” It’s “Mmmmrrrah, Raaaaaaa, Mmmrrrrmmm,” or at least that’s how I think you spell it.

He promised to read my blog, so if you’re reading this cuz—thanks so much for a great visit!

It’s in the bag!


They say you can tell a lot about a moose by what she has in her bag. It’s sort of like taking a little peek into her life! So I’ve decided to give you a peek into my bag—a Christmas gift from my BFF, Eliza—and tell you what’s inside right now:

  • For starters, I NEVER leave home without my cell phone. Of course, in order to use it I MUST follow Mom and Dad’s rules:
    1.    I can only call moose that my parents approve of
    2.    I can only take pictures for my blog
    3.    Mom or Dad must check everything I post to my blog, and we MUST follow computer rules

    But seriously, I can’t live without it. It’s like my lifeline to everything! It helps me stay connected to my friends, and I absolutely LOVE snapping pics for happyhollyblog.com.

  • Sketchpad & pencil—These two things are a definite must. I always have these on hand to write down my ideas, record my ponderings and sketch up new thingamajigs. I’m always planning and dreaming up something new!

  • Lil’Holly—So I got this teddy bear when I was just a little moose, and, yes, I still carry her wherever I go. I love knowing that she’s within arm’s reach whenever I need a hug.

  • Maple-flavored lip gloss—Seriously, I can’t leave home without it! I mean, it gets really cold deep in the forest where I live, so I use it to moisturize my lips. Plus, it adds a hint of color and shine—and tastes great, too!

  • Trail mix—I always make sure I have something to graze on throughout the day. It’s healthy and delicious—a combo of twigs, nuts, berries and grass. YUM!

  • Finally, my red hair bow— I truly believe that every moosette has to have one signature accessory, and this is mine. It’s fashionable, and sometimes you just gotta get your hair out of your face!

My BFF, Eliza


Eliza is my best friend in the whole world. We’ve been friends since we were mini-moose, and one of the many things we have in common is that we LOVE Christmas. Eliza always says that we need to lift each other’s spirits, so every year she has an annual holiday party. Every single moose I know is invited and will attend. It’s THE party of the year—to see and be seen. I can’t wait! I’ve thought about little else for weeks.

There will be music and snacks and games. Eliza and her father are going to snow-plow a maze through the snow drifts in their backyard and set up a small stage under the patio for dancing. And, oh yes, there’s going to be a dance contest!

But the most important thing you should know about Eliza is that she really is a great friend. She’s a warmhearted, kind and funny moose, and we always have the best time together!

Fashion Tips


It’s starting to get cold outside, so here are some great tips for dressing warm but looking cool this season!

One piece every moose MUST have is a great jacket. My silver quilted coat is my favorite! It gets chilly out here in the forest, walking to and from school, and there’s nothing better than getting bundled up and escaping the cold in a cool coat!

Accessories are very important … always accessorize with faux-fur cuffs, a fabulous collar, and a chic hat and scarf set.

Every girl moose must have a stylish pair of boots. Personally, I like having a pair of faux-fur, Sherpa-look trim or even silver boots!

Dressing up is fun, too! I love to wear a red velvet dress paired with my red glitter BearyJane shoes and my faux-fur purse. Fabulous!

Finally, make a fashion statement, look smart and be prepared with a chic notepad and pencil. I carry one with me wherever I go to jot down my ideas, notes and anything else that comes to mind!



OMG, Halloween is tomorrow and I still have no clue what I should be. The possibilities are endless—I could be anything!

Predictable—like every other year, my little brother, Hal, is going to dress up as one of Santa’s reindeer. He spends more time daydreaming about flying across the sky with Santa to deliver presents than he does doing anything else. How many times do I have to tell him, “You’re a moose! M-O-O-S-E! And moose can’t fly.”

Food for thought: Antlers make it hard to bob for apples! So us girls are sure to beat out the boys again this year. :-)

It’s not even Halloween yet, but everyone is already getting into the holiday spirit: Festive-colored lights line every building on Main Street. The windows at the Moose Mall Emporium have been transformed into a winter wonderland. Skaters are spinning and twirling together at the ice rink in Town Square.

And although I am really excited that Halloween is tomorrow (TREATS! COSTUMES! PARTIES!), I’m already having dreams of Santa’s reindeer, presents and sugarplum fairies!

My little brother, Hal


Let’s talk about Harold, or Hal, as most people call him. Yes, he’s my little brother and I love him (don’t tell him I said so), but like most little brothers he can be SO annoying sometimes!

You see, the thing to know about Hal is that he’s a dreamer; he’s adventurous; he’s curious. Basically, that big, goofy lug is always charging into things. He’s just so confident that he can sort out any tangle he gets himself into, but usually it’s me that has to help him out. In his mind that’s part of the adventure, you know, to figure it out as you go. I, on the other hand, am a planner. And Hal never plans anything. But it seems every time I plan out my own dreams I just end up untangling his!

I also think it’s important to note that anything Hal can do, I can do better...backwards and in hoofheels. 

I heart Build-A-Bear Workshop®


I wrote this letter to Maxine Clark, Founder and Chief Executive Bear of Build-A-Bear Workshop. Check it out!
Dear Maxine,

What can I say? I LOVE Build-A-Bear Workshop! I swear my brother, Hal, and I have to be your two BIGGEST FANS! I will never forget the very first time I went to your store. I made my Curly Teddy and accessorized it with a bright red ear bow so it would look just like me! I named her Lil’ Holly, and I still carry her wherever I go.

Oh, and I love playing online at buildabearville.com. It’s so much fun decorating my Cub Condo, playing games and seeing my friends online. My favorite game is the Friendship Forest Photo Safari—I like taking pictures.

Where did you come up with the idea for Build-A-Bear Workshop? I’m always thinking up new ideas and dreaming up new inventions. I hope one day that one of my ideas can make a difference in the world, too. It’s like my mom always says, “If you want to make a difference in the world, you HAVE to speak your mind.”

So anyway, I’m writing to tell you that I think this holiday season, you should have a moose in your store. Oh—and just one more request … can she have a red bow, just like me?

Lots of love,
Holly Moose

Welcome To My Blog


Holly Moose
Gadget Guru

Gender: Moosette
Industry: Creative/Invention
Occupation: Student
Location: Northland Forest

About Me
I’m 13½ years old and 20 hooves tall—21 when I curl my tuft. I live in the Northland Forest with my parents and lil’ brother, Hal.

What else? Oh, yes—I’m always sketching and dreaming up something new. I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up yet, but I know it should be something I love to do—my mom told me that if you do what you love, it will never seem like work because you’ll have so much fun doing it. And planning is one thing I’m good at. I always say, “A hoof in the right direction is the start of solving any problem.” I love to help people solve their problems (especially my brother, Hal—he’s always getting into some sort of trouble). Maybe I’ll be an inventor; I can make things up. But I also really love clothes, so maybe I’ll be a fashion designer. One thing I know I won’t ever do is be a pilot or a skydiver; I’m so afraid of heights. And I definitely don’t like surprises, so I’m going to have to figure this all out—maybe not today I guess.

Also, I LOVE to dance. I have actually started practicing already for my BFF Eliza’s Christmas party—I know what you’re thinking, but the best dance routine gets a gift certificate to the Moose Mall Emporium, and I’ve had my eye on some new clothes for Lil’ Holly, my Build-A-Bear Workshop Curly Teddy, for quite some time now! :-)


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